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Joe’s interest in accounting was sparked in high school, where he excelled in an elective accounting class, uncovering a familial connection to the field through his grandmother. A defining moment in his career was joining a local CPA firm, which allowed him to engage in diverse responsibilities and deeply connect with clients, diverging from the path to larger firms. Joe’s first job at Kentucky Fried Chicken honed his work ethic and management skills, laying a foundation for his current role as a partner at Hillberg & Company.

In this new position, Joe aims to adapt to the firm’s modern processes and, in the long term, to use his expertise for client betterment. He values the collective shaping of the firm’s mission and values, ensuring they reflect the partners’ unified vision. Outside of work, Joe is a roller coaster enthusiast, having explored numerous theme parks with his son. He lives by the mantra, “It’s not what you do wrong that matters. It’s what you do next that defines who you are,” focusing on learning from mistakes and looking ahead. Joe’s recent enjoyment of the series “The Queen” reflects his interest in historical narratives, and he admires Walt Disney for building an empire that perfectly blends mass appeal with a touch of magic.